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What Makes O'Briens Unique

Outlets: Enjoy a cup of coffee or our sandwiches in a comfortable, relaxing environment deck out in the latest trend and design straight from Ireland. You can experience the Irish way of dining in a cafe without having to fly all the way there!

Breads: Our breads are baked with specially formulated Irish recipe. Unique to O’Briens, Shambo is a type of Focaccia bread baked in the shape of the Shamrock. The Shamrock is the epitome of Ireland and represents good luck thus it is closely associate to O’Briens.

Ingredients: Our sandwiches are prepared using premium ingredients such as chunky tuna in brine, smoked chicken slice and top-notch quality beef. We simply will not compromise in using less than great ingredients as we believe you deserve the freshest and finest.

Sauces: Spread and sauces in O’Briens are created using special Irish recipe only available at O’Briens.

Coffees: O’Briens special blend are made out of two premium coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta, freshly grounded and brewed in the style of Italian master roaster. Every sip you take is full of its exquisite aroma and rich taste!

Juices: In O’Briens, all juices are packed with vitamins prepared on-the-spot upon ordering. This way, the goodness of fruits will not lost due to long hours of exposure.