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- Handcrafted Sandwiches and Wraps - Salads mixed in front of you 
- Gourmet Coffees & Speciality Teas - Freshly Squeezed Juices - Refreshing Smoothies


The same fresh food philosophy of O'Briens is also available to you outside of our stores.

So whether you're planning an office lunch, a seminar, a party - or maybe something more ambitious - we're ready, willing and able to take care of everything you serve up to your guests.

You'll enjoy the self-same fresh natural food as we prepare in our outlets - but delivered to your door when and where you want.

So take a look at our fantastic range of food and drinks and order through email or fax!


There is a Delivery Charge of RM4.30
O’Briens Delivery Business Hour from 9am – 9pm only.

This order will not be complete until you receive a confirmation email from O'Briens.

Fruit Platter  RM46.70 / For 6 pax  RM58.30 / For 10 pax

Selected seasonal and tropical fruits cut into bite size pieces.

Deli Platter  RM111.30 / For 8-10 pax

Selection of cold cuts with sliced cheese, salad, ballymaloe relish and cranberry spread.

Light Breakfast Platter  RM63.60 / For 5-7 pax

A selection of muffin, sweet Danish and pastry including chocolate muffin, banana muffin, blueberry Danish, custard, doughnut, etc

5 Star Sandwich Platter  RM87.00 / For 6 pax

Six sandwiches with premium filling of tuna, chicken crisp, egg, chicken slice, smoked salmon dressed in assorted fresh salads

Wrappo Platter  RM97.60 / For 6 pax

Six light flour tortilla wraps with premium filings of tuna, chicken crisp, egg, chicken slice, smoked salmon dressed in assorted fresh salads

Cracker & Cheese Platter  RM116.60 / For 6-8 pax  RM137.80 / For 10-12 pax

Selection of sliced Irish and continental cheese with ballymaloe relish and biscuits.

New York Breakfast Platter  RM97.60 / For 5 pax

Savory croissants and baguettes (e.g. smoked salmon & cream cheese, chicken slice & Swiss cheese)
*with Five freshly squeezed orange juice.

Soup of the Day - A La Carte  RM7.40 
Hot Toasted Sandwich   Cold Sandwich
O’Briens Crambo Club Sandwich  RM21.30 

Toasted with Chicken slice & chicken crisp, cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion, fresh tomato & honey mustard mayonnaise

Tuna Swiss Melt Sandwich  RM18.20 

Toasted with Aran island sauce, mixed leaves, red onion & fresh tomato

O’Briens Chicken Tripledecker Toastie Sandwich  RM22.50 

Toasted with Chicken & Chicken Crisp, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion, Coleslaw & Fresh Tomato

Chicken Slice & Cheddar Shambo  RM19.20 

Toasted with chicken slice, cheddar cheese, red onion, fresh tomato, lettuce & honey mustard mayonnaise.

Sundried Tomato on Hot Ciabatta  RM19.20 

Toasted with sundried tomato, red onion, fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, roasted vegetables & basil pesto.

Chicken, Chicken Crisp & Cheddar Wrap  RM19.10 

Toasted with Mixed Peppers, Red Onion & Fresh Tomato

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwich  RM18.20 

With cucumber, mixed leaves, red onion & squeeze of lemon juice

Chicken Crisp & Egg Mayo Sandwich  RM17.20 

With lettuce & fresh tomato

Tuna & Egg Sandwich  RM17.20 

With roasted peppers & mixed leaves

Tuna & Sweet Corn Sandwich  RM13.90 

With cucumber & lettuce

Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich  RM13.90 

With cucumber, fresh tomato & lettuce

O’Briens Combo    
Chicken Slice & Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and watercress

Tuna & Egg Sandwich

with roasted peppers and mixed leaves

Mild Spicy Herbs Chicken Ciabatta

with fresh tomatoes, red onion and mixed leaves

Piri - Piri Chicken Shambo

with fresh tomatoes, roasted vegetables and mixed leaves

Volcanic Chicken Wrap

with fresh tomatoes, roasted vegetables and red onions


* O’Briens combo RM 18.20 with
  - O'Briens Mineral Water
  - Iced Earl Grey Lemon Tea (s)
  - Can Drink (100 Plus / Seasons Soya Bean / Sprite / Coke / Coke Light / Coke Zero

  * O’Briens combo RM 19.20 with
 - Glaceau Vitamin Water (Orange / Dragonfruit / Triple Berry / Fruit Punch)

Freshly Tossed Salad    
Classic Chicken Caesar Salad  RM18.40 

With parmesan, chicken, chicken crisp, crouton, olive, mixed leaves & Caesar dressing

Pesto Mozzarella Salad  RM18.80 

With sundried tomato, red onion, cherry tomato, mixed leaves, mozzarella cheese, roasted vegetables & pesto

Greek Salad  RM18.40 

Feta Cheese, Olive, Crouton, Mixed Leaves, Red Onion, Cherry Tomato & Vinaigrette

Organic Black Rice Salad Wrap  RM14.80 
Nicoise Salad  RM18.40 

With tuna, egg, olive, pine nut, red onion, mixed leaves & vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon Salad  RM19.40 

With generous portion of smoked salmon, capers & mixed leaves

Tropical Salad  RM16.80 

Green apple, orange, pineapple, raisin, cucumber, celery, mixed leaves & vinaigrette

Gourmet Coffee & Tea (double shot)   Bottled & Can Drinks
Americano  RM8.80 
Cappuccino  RM12.20 
Latte  RM12.20 
Mocha  RM13.60 
Irish Cream Latte  RM13.50 
Frothy Hot Chocolate  RM12.20 

With Marshmallows

Irish Breakfast Tea  RM8.00 
Iced Cappuccino  RM12.20 
Iced Latte  RM12.20 
Iced Chocolate  RM12.20 
Iced Mocha  RM13.60 
Iced Irish Cream Latte  RM13.50 
Extra Coffee Flavour - Caramel  +RM1.60 
Extra Coffee Flavour - Hazelnut  +RM1.60 
Extra Coffee Flavour - Vanilla  +RM1.60 
Extra Coffee Flavour - Irish Cream  +RM1.60 
O’Briens Mineral Water  RM3.70 
Evian Mineral Water  RM8.30 
Glaceau Vitamin Water - Orange  RM8.00 
Glaceau Vitamin Water - Dragon Fruit  RM8.00 
Glaceau Vitamin Water - Triple Berry  RM8.00 
Glaceau Vitamin Water - Fruit Punch  RM8.00 
Can Drink - 100 Plus  RM4.70 
Can Drink - NutriSoy  RM4.70 
Can Drink - Coke  RM4.70 
Can Drink - Coke Light  RM4.70 
Can Drink - Coke Zero  RM4.70 
Can Drink - Sprite  RM4.70 
Esprit - Lemon Lime  RM10.10 
Esprit - Orange Tangerine  RM10.10 
Esprit - Raspberry  RM10.10 
Esprit - Passion Fruit  RM10.10 
Lambda - Cranberry & Blackcurrant  RM10.10 
Lambda - Mango  RM10.10 
Lambda - Tropical  RM10.10 
O'Briens Frappe    
Caramel Coffee Frappe  RM14.80 
Mocha Frappe  RM14.80 
Chocolate Cream Frappe  RM14.80 
Matcha Green Tea Frappe  RM14.80 
Freshly Squeezed Juice  RM12.30 

100% Fruit Juice (Choose any fruit or mix up to three) Orange / Apple / Carrot / Watermelon / Pineapple / Celery

Favourite Juice Combos
Tomato + Carrot + Apple  RM12.30 
Pineapple + Watermelon + Apple  RM12.30 
Celery + Apple+ Cucumber  RM12.30 
Carrot + Cucumber + Orange  RM12.30 
Carrot + Banana + Orange  RM12.30 
Strawberry + Orange  RM12.30 
Refreshing Smoothie
Smoothies Classico  RM14.30 

(Strawberry, Banana, Orange Juice, Frozen Yoghurt & Crushed Ice)

Peach Blush  RM14.30 

(Peach, Strawberry, Banana, Orange Juice, Frozen Yoghurt & Crushed Ice)

Berry Dazzle  RM14.30 

(Mixed Berries, Banana, Apple Juice, Frozen Yoghurt & Crushed Ice)

Mango Tango  RM14.30 

(Mango, Banana, Orange Juice, Frozen Yoghurt & Crushed Ice)