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At O’Briens, sandwiches are freshly prepared in front of customers, so that you can see exactly what is packed into your favourite sandwiches, whether Shambos (shamrock shaped foccacia bread), Ciabatta, WRAPPOS™, or a delicious hot TOASTIES™. 

We buy the freshest premium ingredients that are available to ensure that our sandwiches are the finest and tastiest that you can enjoy. We simply refuse to compromise on quality by using cheap fillings, as we know our customers expect the very best from O’Briens. 

However, what makes us special is not so simple: 
- Specially-baked preservative and sugar free sandwich loaves
- Unique spreads and sauces only available at O’Briens 
- Premium fillings of chunky tuna in brine, whole muscle ham, grade A turkey breasts

Other than sandwiches, we offer our customers 100 per cent made to order real fresh fruit juices, smoothies and iced drinks. Our hugely successful juice bar and hand cut sandwiches turn food into theatre.

Presentation is just as important to complete the quality offering. What better than a little shamrock dusting of chocolate on top of a cappuccino or the Irish crisp garnish by the side of the sandwich to remind people of O’Briens’ heritage?

Only the best is good enough for the O’Briens brand and the best dishes are made with the freshest ingredients, so never settle for anything less. After all, you are what you eat.